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Bertrand Russell’s Message to Future Generations

Bertrand Russell was a philosopher, epistemologist, mathematician, logician, historian, essayist, social reformer, political activist, and a Nobel laureate.

In this short video, he addresses a message to future generations. He advises them to consider two things: one intellectual and one moral.

Intellectual Advice

‘When studying any matter or considering any philosophy’, one should look for facts and the truth that the facts support. One should also be careful of biases such as the tendency to believe what they are predisposed to believe or to believe the thing for the sake of a profit from society.

“Look only and solely at what are the facts. That is the intellectual thing that I should wish to say.”

Moral Advice

Because ‘the world is becoming more and more closely interconnected’, people should learn to tolerate and help each other without attributing great importance to the things they hear and don’t like. In such a way “…we can live together and not die together”.

“Love is wise, hatred is foolish.”

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